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Why choose Ferox?

Our team of expert penetrations testers has a 100% success rate, meaning we've never once been beaten by a system's security, and if we can get into a system, the bad guys might be able to as well. We will make sure you achieve the highest standard of security available to keep you safe.

The Ferox name is one of trust, and when you use our services, you know you can trust us to keep you safe. We offer bespoke price plans to suit your budget as well as the ability to constantly update your systems so there's no waiting around should a new vulnerability rear its ugly head; you can stay as secure as possible, as quickly as possible.

Our experts are highly qualified in their field, with intimate knowledge of a wide range of methodologies. We're trusted partners of many organisations, so you know you can trust us. Above all though, is a passion and a love for cyber security.

What we offer

Website security testing

Are you worried about the security of your website? Never fear; we can help! We offer website security testing for anyone - whether you're an individual, a small business or a huge company.

Forensic analysis of computer systems

If you need help recovering lost data or finding data to use as evidence in court, we can help you. With our groundbreaking forensic equipment, we can guarantee the safe recovery of your data - or your money back.

Both internal and external system security testing

If you have any kind of infrastructure that needs securing, Ferox can help. We use the latest techniques and our own proven methodologies to test, secure and maintain systems of any size, both from the inside and out.

Risk assessment and access control policy management

Are you looking to get your ISO27001? Do you need to be PCI compliant? Our intimate knowledge of security policy can help you. We know how difficult it is to gain compliance in the security world, and our advice could be invaluable to you, so get in touch today!

Cyber security mentoring and training

At Ferox, we believe that education is the only sustainable way to combat cyber crime. We offer training sessions as standard with any of our packages so that your company has the knowledge and understanding to avoid attacks in the future.

Security consultancy services

If you have an ongoing project in need of security and you want to ensure you don't waste time and money recovering from an attack, you can use our consultancy services to make sure you integrate security into your project from the moment it starts, reducing the likelihood of a successful attack.

Web application development

We don't just break systems, we make them too. If you want a secure web application for your company or product, contact us and we'll be sure to impress.

Web design

Need a website designed? Look no further than us. We design beautiful websites utilising our extensive knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, CSS, HTML5 and XML scripting languages.