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A lot of the time when using a computer security company, pricing can be confusing. It's for this reason we've come up with a three step plan that fits everyone from the average homeowner to the largest of corporations. It's easy to follow and will relieve you and your accountant of unnecessary stress.

Step One

Picking what you need

We ask you what exactly you want from us. You can pick and choose anything from our extensive range of services or choose from one of our pre-made service packages. It all depends on what you need. While it's of the utmost importance that you are as secure as possible, we don't want to be charging you for additional services you won't need, so even after you've chosen your package, we'll review it with you to make sure you're not spending too much.

Remember, training comes as standard

Step Two

Choose how long you want us

With other security companies, you may find yourself into the common pitfall of choosing a 'vetted vulnerability scan' company. These companies will change you for each IP address you own, then run automated vulnerability scanning on them. They will check the results of the automated scan before handing you an electronic report. Ferox will not do this. Our pricing is based on a 'Time-Per-Parameter' model, meaning we will charge you based on how long it takes to hack into your machines, not how many machines you have. Unlike vetted vulnerability scanning, this approach rules out unused IP addresses and can save you a lot of money.

Step Three

We talk with you

We pride ourselves on our non-jargon, human approach. Unlike other companies, we will work with your budget, not against it, to ensure you're able to use our services without breaking the bank. We Guarantee to try to find a price that suits you.

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