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Our privacy and security policy

As a reputable security company, we take the value of your data very seriously. This is what we do to keep you secure:

  • We encrypt your passwords using the most up-to-date password encryption techniques.
  • We conduct thorough penetrations tests to make sure your data stays secure.
  • We do not store any credit card information on our servers.
  • Nor do we ever have access to your credit card information.
  • We will not provide anybody with your personal data under any circumstances except when required by the police for use in court. (even then, we can't provide the police with your passwords/credit card info as we don't have access to that information.)
  • We adhere to very strict ISO27001:2013 and PCI compliance to ensure your data is kept as secure as possible.
  • We enforce the use of https encrypted connection when connecting to our website. This prevents hackers from intercepting your data.
  • We enforce a strict password policy to ensure your passwords can not be easily cracked.
  • Nobody is invincible and in the highly unlikely event that we are hacked, we will ensure that you are the first to know. We will fully compensate you if your data is compromised as a result of a direct breach of our systems

The trust you place in Ferox is highly valued and we will always put you first.

A word on secure passwords

We want to make sure you choose a secure password. To help you choose one, we've written some helpful tips for you.

Recent studies have shown that the only real factor in password strength is length. This means that the old habit of using complicated variations of letters, numbers and punctuation is not as secure as we thought.

Not only is a random combination of characters difficult to remember, it's also becoming less and less immune to certain kinds of password attacks. For example:

The password 'F3r0XS£cur(ty' is not as secure as the password 'FeroxSecurityIsTheBestEver'. The reason for this is all down to combinations.

Imagine you have no idea what a person's password is, and you had to attempt every single possible combination of characters until you found it. This is called a 'bruteforce' attack and is a common method hackers use to crack passwords.

The password 'F3r0XS£cur(ty' only has 13 characters in it, therefore you would need to try less combinations than if you were to try and crack the password 'FeroxSecurityIsTheBestEver', which has 26 characters in it.

Not only is 'FeroxSecurityIsTheBestEver' a more secure password, it's also much easier to remember. We recommend using phrases as passwords instead of what you might be used to. These phrases could be lines from poems or songs you love (for example 'NeverGonnaGiveYouUp') or they could be memorable lines from a film ('ElementaryMyDearWatson'). Your imagination is the limit. We take password lengths of around 70 characters, more than enough to keep secure.

Please do not use any of the examples provided, as hackers may also try to use them to break into your account