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Ferox provides an array of services and education resources

Here you can find our about how the company started, where it's at now and our plans for the future.

Solomon Gilbert

I started becoming interested in computers and hacking at the age of about ten. The first thing I did when my primary school bought new laptops was to shut everyone else's down from mine, which was highly exciting for a ten year old. That excitement was what drove me to become fascinated in technology and develop more as a programmer and as a hacker. Unfortunately, the ten year old fantasy of being a hacker is much less paperwork ridden than the reality, but that doesn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying my work. I met Aidan at the age of thirteen, and our shared love of computers brought us together and eventually became the basis for founding the company

Aidan Woodcraft

Since 14 I’ve been messing around with source code and software. Modifying those old gameboy games, breaking things I shouldn’t, causing the usual ruckus a 14 year old does. As times gone on I’ve developed my skills and honed them to a finer edge, specialising in security and reverse engineering. Though my ability to develop software has also improved greatly, my major focus will always remain with penetration testing. Present day, I still break things I shouldn’t, but in a bit more of a controlled manner. I’ve recently fallen in love with the concepts of neural networks and am working on marrying my two loves (excluding Solomon, of course) together to create something truly remarkable in the penetration testing world.

The Beginnings

Ferox Security began its journey in 2014, when two friends and security enthusiasts decided to work together in offering their services to any company in need. The alliance between these two people further progressed into the idea of a company and thus Ferox Security was formed. On 18th May 2015, the company name became official and since then business has increased expotentially. With a wide range of demands, the owners of Ferox Security are constantly adapting and expanding the services the company provides and now tailors for a variety of business infrastructures.

Company Philosophy

The Ferox name is one of trust and friendship. But most importantly, a name devoted to creating a safe online environment for companies and individuals to flourish. We achieve this by providing educational resources to schools and learning environments to foster a better understanding of the cyber security world and all of the dangers that come with it. We stay true to our core values by constantly and consistently updating our knowledge and infrastructure. As a result of this, we are now at the forefront of the cyber security game.

Ferox Currently

We currently have numerous contracts spanning across a wide range of services. These contracts range from web development and keeping companies up-to-date to structured penetrations testing and forensics. We're highly engaged in education in cyber security and forward a number of movements across the UK, as well as providing guest lectures for all educational establishments.