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Introducing Ferox Security - Cyber security at its finest.

Ferox Security is a computer security company dedicated to helping businesses and individuals enjoy a safer, more secure online environment.

Cyber security specialists

We're no strangers to cyber security, with a plethora of experience in the industry. We currently boast a 100% success rate on our penetration tests, meaning there isn't a company we haven't yet been able to find flaws in and improve the security of. We work hard to achieve our aim of making the world a safer place online, with many projects geared to helping those with little to no cyber security knowledge - you don't have to be a geek to use our services!

Comfortable prices

We offer only the highest quality security services. We will make sure that these services and updates are comfortably suited to your requirements by devising bespoke strategies to fit within your price plan. This means that we will provide your company with exactly what it needs to stay safe. Nothing more, nothing less.

Wide range of services

Regardless of occupation, security is intrinsic to our everyday lives. Our wide range of services cover everything from file recovery and digital forensics to structured penetrations tests, meaning we will always be able to help you.

Highly professional

Ferox operates at a high level of professionalism to deliver exceptional security auditing and penetration testing services to corporations of numerous sizes. We have an intimate understanding of penetrations testing methodologies, making it easy for us to help you choose the perfect policy to suit your needs.

Our services

We offer a huge variety of services. No matter how large or small your company is, we're sure we can help you. If you are interested in using our services, feel free to give us a call or drop us a message in the contact section below.

Penetration testing

Our bespoke penetrations tests and security audits are formulated to suit your needs. It doesn't matter who you are, we will always find the optimal way to keep you secure. Our 100% success rate assures you that there isn't a system we've come across that we haven't been secure from attacks. The size of your business is irrelevant and all you need to be eligible for our security auditing services is a willingness to strive for the best possible security on the market.

Forensic services

We offer advanced forensic analysis, for anything from recovering lost data to gathering evidence for a court case. We use tools at the forefront of their game and employ an intimate knowledge of forensic techniques to ensure you get the best results possible. If you need file recovery, data analysis or encryption, we'll provide you with the perfect solution.

Vulnerability analysis

Our 100% success rate should be a warning sign that your systems are likely to be vulnerable to attack. A dangerous false sense of security exists when companies think they're immune. If you think you're leaving yourself open to attacks, we can find out exactly where you're going wrong and work with you to solve the problem. Constant maintenance is required to keep your systems safe and we will keep you updated to make sure once you're secure, you stay secure.

Security for the people

We believe that high-end security services should not be exclusive to large corporations with large amounts of money. We work exceptionally hard to bring professional security to every household. Thanks to our pricing system, it doesn't matter whether you're an individual or a gigantic corporation, we'll be sure to have your backs. If you're an individual worried about your security, be sure to check out our resources section, where you can find helpful advice about the best practices.

Who are we?

At the heart of Ferox lies a strong friendship. If you would like to know more about the origins of the company, read on!

Limited company

On 18th May 2015, Ferox Security LTD was born; a company dedicated to delivering only the best penetrations tests services. Now with a highly developed array of expertise, we strive to create a safer and more secure online environment for both individuals and corporations.

Strong friends

Ferox was founded by two very close friends, sharing both passion and expertise in cyber security. We work closely together and compliment each other's skills, making us a formidable enemy of any kind of malicious attacks against a client's system.

Cyber security experts

We operate at an exceptionally high level of expertise, leading the way in research and penetrations testing skills by constantly developing new ways to compromise systems. Our clients are more secure than most due to our innovative ways to protect systems.

Industry leaders

Our bespoke, high-end security research and development has pushed us to the forefront of cyber security. We work with a multitude of like-minded individuals in order to create the best security possible and beat the bad guys.

Get in touch

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New website

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